I would be mighty shocked to meet someone whose life has not been touched by cancer.  At the very least you know someone who is battling.  Having watched several people fight and lose, it takes courage and a strong will to live.

I found out today is World Cancer Day when Pete wrote a post on it.  Sadly, I know several people who have lost their lives to this nasty disease, including both of my grandmothers.

When my mom's mother passed away, almost two years ago, I reached out to the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.  I wanted to purchase several Unwavering Support Wristbands to give out at the funeral and visitation.  The people at the foundation are so wonderful, they mailed out 100 of them to me at no cost.

There's kind of a funny story that goes along with this -- they sent the package via FedEx and I was supposed to get it the day of the visitation.  I found out that it was accidentally shipped to the wrong address so they sent another one overnight. The thing was, it wouldn't get to my house in time for the funeral.  I have to hand it to the FedEx folks that I talked to -- I was almost hysterical and literally begged them to tell me where the truck was going and they did. I literally chased the driver down and I got my package.  We laugh when we look back on it now.

The pictured one is mine and I have worn it every single day for the last two years.  It reminds me of my Grandma and how hard she fought to live.  When this one breaks, I have a whole supply of others to use!