Canadian geese are notorious for protecting their young - whether they are just eggs or have actually hatched. They don't care who you are or where you are going - even if it's just to work.

People make the mistake all the time of getting too close to the nest or the babies and the male will come after you hissing, flapping his wings and trying to attack you to get you to leave the area. Kids get flogged most of the time because they want to play with the geese - not a good idea!

Recently, this guy was just going to work, minding his own business, when a goose started to attack him. Luckily he had a newspaper handy and thwarted off the goose. His friends were upstairs, in the office, and captured it all on film to share with the world!


But wait, there's more! Someone decided to have them fight with light sabers and the video is just a little more funny!