I'm sure you've heard this a few times over the last few weeks. "Hot enough for ya?" Yes, it has been hot - so hot in fact that people are scrambling all across the country to beat the heat.

Some are taking to the beach, some are just staying in the air conditioning and some are cooling off in the backyard. But what about our pets? Don't they deserve to cool off too?

Meet Gus the bulldog. Gus' owners decided it would be great to get him a pool to keep cool in the backyard.

Gus was having a great time in the water. Playing and jumping - but all of that was still making the poor boy hot.

That's when Gus got tired of being hot outside and decided he would like what many of us dream of - a pool IN the air conditioning!


Gus makes the rest of us look like idiots for hanging out in 100 degree weather next to the kiddie pool!