Valentines Day was last Friday, February 14th and to celebrate Brittany and I headed to Granite Falls to be with some friends.

See the picture above... we celebrated nothing like that, and I loved it.

Brittany and I headed to Granite Falls, MN on Friday night to celebrate Valentine's Day and hang out with some of our best friends. Tom and Marci Doyle both have a place in our wedding later this year and I was the best man in their wedding in 2009. Tom and I grew up in the same small town, lived about two blocks from each other and were in the same grade... we've met.

Anyway, this past Friday we headed to their house to have some fun, and we did! After we grabbed something to eat we headed to the local casino, Prairies Edge Casino, where my hourly wage will never compare to the amount of money I lost in 25-minutes. None of us did real well, except Brittany... for some reason that girl always does o.k. when she's playing slots. She left the casino up some cash, I was WAY down.

Matt Fallon

After the casino, Tom said, "who wants to bowl?"... ummm, it's 1:00 in the morning. Have no fear, Tom is the part-time manager at the local bowling alley and he has a key. WIN! We headed over to the bowling alley and bowled two or three games (no, I don't remember) and had a bunch of drinks, at the cost of putting money in the jukebox. It was the best night in a bowling alley, ever, and when we were ready to call it a night, Brittany drove us home. Perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day! We replaced chocolate with beer, flowers with a casino and balloons with bowling.