Roses are red violets are blue and then they dry out and crumble apart.

This Valentine's Day, Brittany and I did not get gifts for each other... instead we are going to spend the weekend with some friends and have some fun for Valentine's Day in a unconventional way.

Gifts are nice, flowers are nice, chocolate is good, but none of them last, so we just didn't see the point on spending money on each other for things we can enjoy for a few days. Now is this Brittany just saying she doesn't want flowers and then when I get home I'm the recipient of a black eye? Let's hope not. Instead we are hitting the road tonight and going to spend some time with friends who live about an hour and a half away.

Monday, I'll share with you what we did and hopefully it will be BIG news.

What do you and your significant other have planned for Valentine's Day?