I will say one thing about Mr. Paisley, he has always had a knack for bringing great ideas, special guests and interesting themes into his videos. His latest video is for Old Alabama that is on his new album This Is Country Music - in stores now!

I love the way he incorporates himself into the classic Alabama video, brings in NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon, Darryl Waltrip and Rick Hendrick and actually spotlights the members of Alabama.

This video is quite special to me as it features places that I am quite familiar with. Towards the middle of the video, you'll see signs for the Tennessee/Alabama Fireworks stands. Those are right on I-24 just north of the Alabama state line. I remember going there as a kid every 4th of July to pick up some of the best fireworks in the area. What's so weird about them is they are literally in the middle of nowhere and when you are driving down I-24 at night, all of a sudden out of nowhere you start seeing this glow. The closer you get, you realize it is from 80 foot tall neon lights that are on the front of the building! - sorry, had to reminisce for a moment.

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