Brad Paisley is currently working on his next album, which is a follow up to 'This is Country Music' from 2011, and he has made a recording decision that is unheard of in the music business today.

Brad and his band have decided to record the entire CD live. That's right, no edits, no auto-tune, no computerized music - it will be completely raw, just like it would sound if you saw him in concert.

I tip my imaginary hat to Brad on this one. It takes a lot of guts to record an album like this, in this day and age where almost all music has been 're-touched' in some why shape or form.

Brad commented by saying:

"A lot of what you hear on the radio and a lot of what you hear in any form of music right now has both the aid and and also the negative part of a computer being involved in a big way. This time the mode has been: 'we're not editing.' if you hear something on a record, we played it."

This is the way it was done back in the day, and I love that he is going back to a simpler way. Don't get me wrong computers can have an awesome effect on music sometimes, but when every artist uses it for every song, everything starts to sound kind of the same.

I can't wait to hear the album now! Brad has seven songs confirmed for it so far and he is just starting to play it for people at his label. There is no word yet on when we will get to take a listen for ourselves, but I'm willing to bet it will be well worth the wait!