Last night Brad Paisley wrapped up his H2OII Tour in Raleigh, NC and the pranks were flying left and right. Earlier in the evening, Brad Tweeted that Scotty McCreery was his special guest at the show and that he hoped Scotty wasn't learning how NOT to behave on tour. Once the show was finished, I think Scotty learned that being on tour can be a lot of fun - if you pull the right pranks.

It isn't a secret that Brad Paisley always pranks his tour mates throughout the tour. Last night was their chance to get back at him. Scotty Tweeted out that he and Brad had just pranked tour partner Blake Shelton by sending out remote control water shootin' trucks.

Towards the end of the show, Brad brings out a fishing chair to sit on. Last night Sunny Sweeney replaced that chair with a toilet to get Brad back for the pranks he had pulled on them throughout the tour. Sunny Tweets that she pranked Brad and he has now been 'Sweenered'.


I can only imagine how difficult it would be to be on stage performing in front of a packed house, but to add in being pranked in the middle of the set, that has to be tough. I found this video that Brad posted from last year's tour to give you a sense of what kinds of pranks his opening acts have to face!