I just want to get something off my chest really quick. Brad Paisley has been wronged so many times by the CMA, the ACM and CMT. Why? Because he has been looked over for so many awards that he truly deserved. This man should have been Entertainer of the Year at least 5 times now. Have you seen one of his shows? He puts EVERYTHING into them! Ok, now that's off my chest.

Musically Brad Paisley is one of the best in country right now. Every album he puts out never fails to surpass the previous. There's not one song that I can think of that he hasn't hit the nail on the head. He is the one artist in country that I look forward to hearing his next album and wonder where he will go musically on it.

His latest album This Is Country Music is no different. Brad delivers an incredible album from beginning to end. This time he went the duet route and teamed up with some big names all throughout this album.

The first number one from this album is the title track This Is Country Music. The first duet released was Old Alabama that featured Alabama and went straight to number one. The third single is the duet with Carrie Underwood - Remind Me. Today we get to finally see the video for one of the fastest climbing songs on the chart today!

If you don't have Brad's latest album, you need to get it immediately. You will thank me later for it. If you aren't a fan of Brad, you seriously need to get your head examined!