A singer named Amy Bowen is SUING Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood for copyright infringement. Bowen claims their song "Remind Me" is a rip-off of a song she wrote back in 2007 and copyrighted a year later. She was living in Nashville at the time and performing under the name of Lizza Connor (that name doesn't ring a bell in my head either). Bowen says she performed the song 19 times in public, plus at a workshop that the co-writers of Brad and Carrie's version were at. She says that they stole her version, changed it up a bit and then re-wrote it with Brad. The suit asks for proceeds in excess of $10 million from the song and Bowen wants to be named the song's owner... sounds like somebody is trying pretty hard to cash in on others success. A Nashville newspaper took a look at the lyrics and shared the chorus for both songs. You can check it out and decide if there's any similarity for yourself here. What do you think? Did Paisley and Underwood "steal" Bowen's song?