I can understand school's concerns about guns, especially in places like Colorado, but the school in Loveland seems to have taken things way too far after they suspended a child for throwing a "fake" grenade.

7-year-old Alex Evans was playing a game he called 'Rescue The World' where he was a superhero pretending to save everyone from the end of the world.  Well, his imagination got him in trouble when he threw the "grenade" in attempt to save his fellow students.  The school has 'absolutes' like no fighting, real or imaginary; no weapons, real or imaginary.

Telling a kid not to imagine or play pretend is like telling a fish to breathe out of water.  Why would you want to stifle a child's imagination?  And to tell them not to pretend fight or use weapons is futile, they constantly see it on television and video games.

And is a "suspension" a punishment for children??  What kid wouldn't want a few days off from school.  This is just a case of politically correct do-gooders making themselves feel better.  Suspending a child for having an imagination is not going to solve anything.