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Call me a lush.

YOU'RE A LUSH! (Getty Images)


The idea of alcohol-infused ice cream makes me want dessert right now. Of course, humans have been mixing booze and ice cream since they began to coexist on Earth.

It's what we do. I love a Guinness Ice Cream Float!

Häagen Dazs has announced the release of five booze-infused ice cream flavors:

  1. Rum Ginger Cookie (...go on...)
  2. Vodka Key Lime Pie (meh)
  3. Whiskey Chocolate Truffle (ERMEHGERD!)
  4. Rum Vanilla Caramel Blondie (...go on...)
  5. Irish Cream Coffee and Biscotti (breakfast ice cream!)

So would ice cream trucks carrying this product be required to have a different song to blast when it comes by your neighborhood? Just so the adults can go running for the truck instead of the kids?

Can I see your I.D., miss?   (Getty Images)

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