Blake Shelton is one of the hottest stars in country music right now. He's gotten married this year, starred on The Voice and released a hit album, Red River Blue. While he was in the process of creating hype for the album, Blake took to YouTube to create several videos that had him discussing various topics.

These videos go from talking about maple sausage to guys wearing skinny jeans. Blake has a wicked sense of humor and it really shows in these videos.

This is the video that kicked the whole series off - declaring Blake as The Most Interesting Man In Country Music.

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    Blake Shelton Shares How He Created Maple Sausage

  • 11

    Blake Shelton Gives Career Advice Anyone Can Use

  • 10

    Blake Shelton Gives Advice To Men That Flat Iron Their Hair

  • 9

    Blake Shelton Shares Why He Is A Fan Of Twitter

  • 8

    Blake Shelton Reveals What Makes A Good Song

  • 7

    Blake Shelton Salutes Creative Genius

  • 6

    Blake Shelton Pays Tribute To The Friday Song

  • 5

    Blake Shelton Sums Up Chuck Taylor's In One Word

  • 4

    Blake Shelton Demonstrates How To Properly Drink

  • 3

    Blake Shelton Describes His Hangovers As A Badge Of Honor

  • 2

    Blake Shelton Cautions Men About Wearing Skinny Jeans

  • 1

    Blake Shelton Shares The True Secret Of Life