If you read any of Blake's Tweets, any interview he does or speak to him in person, you can immediately tell he is a confident guy and doesn't care what anyone says about him. That came in especially handy recently.

Television blogger MaryAnn Sleasman took to her blog about a recent performance by RaeLynn on The Voice. She said some pretty harsh things in the blog that didn't set well with Blake Shelton. RaeLynn is on Team Blake, Blake will defend his friends to death and this blogger is picking on one of his girls.

Blake took to his Twitter feed and blasted this blogger saying:

"What kind of person is low enough to write mean things about a 17-year-old girl just trying to do her best?... Can you believe a grown adult feels good about making a living trashing kids following their dreams while hiding behind their laptop? Sad."


How many times have we let someone say something about another person without standing up for what is right? Way too many if you ask me. Blake won't do that and I commend him for being as outspoken as he is and calling people on the carpet for poor behavior.

I for one want to thank Blake for telling it like it is, defending those that need defending and telling the ones off that need it. Blake, if you are interested, I have a few names of people that you can take frustrations out on anytime!

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