According to a new study in New York Magazine says the best way to get that huge raise you've been waiting for is to ask for a ridiculous amount of money. If you make a joke out of it, you're more likely to make 10 percent more money than you would have.

I hate asking for raises or negotiating my salary because it feels so serious. Of course we'd all love to be making more money than we do and sometimes more than we're perhaps making light of an uncomfortable situation is key. It's actually a negotiating strategy called, "anchoring."

Most people feel awkward when put in a negotiating situation, a sense of humor about the situation is key to even the playing field. While you still probably won't have the upper hand, you'll look more confident than you probably are.

So, what are you waiting for? March in your bosses office today and tell her you want a million dollar raise. What do you have to lose?

(New York Magazine)

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