Whether it’s where to find the best cup of coffee in the area, the most prominent landmarks or the top places to get an affordable meal, we’ve got it in our “Best of the St. Cloud Area” guide to Central Minnesota.

  • Famous Landmarks in St. Cloud

    Explore the landmarks of St. Cloud and find out more about how they came to be. Video, photos and maps make this a great guide to St. Cloud.

    Pete Nyblom
  • Best Cheap Restaurants for Solo Diners in the St. Cloud Area

    Looking for an affordable place to eat when you’re flying solo? We have some great suggestions that won’t break the bank.

    Tim Lyon
  • Best Coffee in the St. Cloud Area

    Here’s Tim Lyon’s list of the best places to get a good cup of coffee in the St. Cloud area. Mmmmm… I can smell the pumpkin spice lattes already.

    Tim Lyon
  • Top Things to Do on Memorial Day Weekend

    Not everyone goes to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend. And for those of us who like to recharge instead of hitting the ground running, we have some great suggestions for a Memorial Day Weekend closer to home.

    sister72, Flickr
  • You Know You’re From St. Cloud If…

    Are you a true St. Cloudite through and through? Check out our list of things every native — or transplant who’s been here a while — should fondly remember.

    Steven Sohlstrom, FlightFlash.com
  • Best Outdoor Activities in St. Cloud

    There’s plenty to do in the great outdoors in Central Minnesota. Abby Faulkner whirs into action paddling, disc golfing, hiking, biking and strolling through the St. Cloud area.

    Abby Faulkner
  • Famous People From the St. Cloud Area

    Lots of famous people have called St. Cloud “home” at one time or another. Here’s our list of those celebs from the Granite City.

    Derek Purdy, Flickr
  • Best Places in the St. Cloud Area to Find a Halloween Costume

    Looking for a costume to set you apart from all the fairy’s and men dressed as themselves, here are the best places in St. Cloud to find your Halloween Costume.

    creativedc. Flickr
  • Ways To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

    This is the year you will finally stick to your New Year’s Resolution. No more failed attempts at a better you. So cheers to you in making your resolution a reality. Here are five common New Year’s Resolutions and how you can make your plan a reality with the help of local places here in Central Minnesota.

    iStock Photo
  • Best Places in the St. Cloud Area to Shop for Your Dorm Room

    Since you are most likely spending and extreme amount of time in your dorm room studying hard like you tell your parents, you may as well be comfortable. Inevitability you don’t have the funds either to make your corner of the room exactly what you would like, but with these top five places in town you sure can get it close.

    Raul654, Wikipedia
  • What They Don’t Talk About During Freshman or New Student Orientation

    If you’re just starting your college experience in the St. Cloud area, welcome. We think you’re going to have a good time, both at school and in our community. There are a few things you won’t learn at your school’s orientation sessions, though. And we thought we’d clue you in.

    stagshop, Flickr
  • Best Places to Take Dad for Father’s Day

    How do you show your appreciation for dear-ol’-dad on the one day a year it’s required he be treated like a king among men? Well, first and foremost, you spend time with him — that’s the most important thing. But what to do come the third Sunday in June? Here are our top recommendations on the best places to take dad on Father’s Day in St. Cloud.

    Creative Commons via Flickr user joevare
  • Five Great St. Cloud Area Places for a First Date

    Going on a first date is all about getting to know her. The first date is actually the one where it is most important to just be yourself, too. So, here are five places in the St. Cloud area, that I would recommend for a first date. In no particular order, and depending on your interests.

    iStock Photo
  • St. Cloud Area Facebook Pages You Should ‘LIKE’

    So here you go; 5 very good, engaging Facebook Pages you should like. They all are very active, do all the things you want from an FB page.

  • Five Foods Your Friends or Family Must Eat When They Visit the St. Cloud Area

    When friends or family come to town hungry, what do you put on their St. Cloud Area Good Eats Bucket List? There’s lots of great, local food out there

    BDegan, Flickr
  • Best Cheap Restaurants in the St. Cloud Area

    Hungry and on a budget? Here are the top Cheap but Great places to eat in Central Minnesota.

    Tim Lyon
  • Best Places for a Kid’s Birthday Party in St. Cloud

    The apple of your eye is celebrating a birthday and you would like to show them and everyone else how important this day is. Here are my suggestions for the five best places for a kid’s birthday party in St. Cloud.

  • Best Places to Meet Singles in St. Cloud

    The St. Cloud area is filled with thousands of single men and women. Many of them are looking for love or at least the potential for love. But where are all those single folk? Well, it depends on whether you’re a guy or gal. So, we created our Top 5 lists for both men and women on the prowl.

    iStock Photo
  • Best Playgrounds in St. Cloud

    There are 91 parks on the St. Cloud Park map alone! And there are more in Sauk Rapids, Waite Park and Sartell. But with warmer temperatures — and a rambunctious little girl — I’m heading to our favorite parks listed below for a little “Mom and Elena Time” this summer!

    Ricky Woods
  • Looking For A Place To Camp This 4th? Think Local!

    There are always local parks available for camping. Here are four local options.

    Getty Images
  • Best Places to Cool Off in St. Cloud This Summer

    When the heat comes, be ready for it with some affordable ways to keep you and the kids cool this summer.

    Scott Clark, Flickr
  • Worst Central Minnesota Storms in Recent Memory

    The weather in Minnesota never leaves us lacking for something to talk about. What are the worst storms that we have ever had in recent memory? Here are my top five.

    Getty Images
  • Best Free Wi-Fi Locations in the St. Cloud Area

    FREE is a wonderful word! If you don’t have the internet at home or just want to get out of your living room to do some research, here are places you can find FREE Wi-Fi.

  • Best Places to View the Fall Colors in the St. Cloud Area of Central Minnesota

    Here are five spots in Central Minnesota with killer views of our fall colors.

    *clairity*, Flickr
  • Best Places to Take Mom on Mother’s Day in St. Cloud

    Mom’s been pretty good to you over the years. So show a little gratitude and have some fun on Mother’s Day this year. Here are some suggestions.

    Flickr user Parvin Club
  • Best Places in St. Cloud for a Bachelor Party

    Bachelor parties are like a right of passage. A night like that is one men will be able to bond over for years to come because that’s the way men are — one crazy night and they will spend the rest of their lives trying to live up to it.

    Flickr user Phillip Larson
  • Best Places in St. Cloud for a Bachelorette Party

    A ladies final night of freedom before the big ‘I Do’s” Make it a fun night with these suggestions for a great Bachelorette Party.

  • Best Places to Take Your Dog in St. Cloud

    Dogs love the outdoors like their humans too. Here are great places to bring the dog with you in the great outdoors!

  • Best Places In St. Cloud To Go Swimming

    Summer time is hands down my favorite time of the year. There is such a wide variety of fun things to do in the summer with your friends and or family. But if you ask me, my number one thing to do in the summer is swim! Here are some of my favorite places to go.

    Wright County website
  • Fireworks Displays and Fourth of July Events in Central Minnesota

    Central Minnesota is ready to celebrate America’s Birthday in a big way! From fireworks to concerts to community festivals, Central Minnesota is getting ready for the best 4th of July fun ever!

    Flickr user ymmat
  • Places to Watch the Super Bowl in Central Minnesota

    Whether you are tuning in to Sunday’s big game for the football, the commercials, or the half-time show, it’s important that the place you choose to watch the event has something to offer you. So if it’s lots of TV’s, great drink specials, or free food that is most important to you, check out my list of the best places to watch the Super Bowl so you know where to find exactly what you want.

    Getty Images
  • Best Sledding Hills in the St. Cloud Area

    When the snow is on the ground the kids will want to play. Here are some fun places to take the family sledding.

    Ricky Woods
  • Ways to Celebrate Winter in the St. Cloud Area

    Our ability to survive the cold climate is what sets up apart from the whimps who live down south. So come on folks, join me in getting up off the couch, put on your parka, and participate in our Minnesota winter. Here’s a few suggestions.

    St. Paul Winter Carnival
  • The Most Convincing Haunted Places in Central Minnesota

    A lot of people love Halloween; so in the spirit of the season, and with an open mind, may I present my list of the top 5 haunted legends in central Minnesota.

    Arboresce, Flickr
  • Halloween Events and Attractions in the St. Cloud Area

    There are so many fun things to do with Halloween. So, go get your costume and have some spooky fun at these Best Halloween Events and Attractions in the St. Cloud Area.

    YAXZONE, Flickr
  • Great Places to Watch the Vikings

    It’s game day, you don’t have tickets, but you’re looking to get out of the house. What do you do? Where do you go? There are plenty of places across the St. Cloud metro area that offer not just a bunch of TVs with the game on, but also food and drink specials, and some even give you a chance to win prizes…

    Lincoln Depot
  • Four Notorious Haunted Places at St. Cloud State University

    Whether you believe or not, it can’t be refuted that history is full of earnest accounts of things going bump in the night. So, in the spirit of spooky speculation, here’s a brief list of some ghost stories from right here in St. Cloud – St. Cloud State University, to be precise.

    Abby Faulkner
  • Famous Sports Figures and Athletes from the St. Cloud Area

    Central Minnesota has produced a number of high-caliber athletes that have left their marks on the sports world. Pro athletes in baseball, football and hockey as well as college football and

  • Little Known Facts About the St. Cloud Area

    You may have already heard of a few of these, but hopefully there’s a few surprises. Feel free to use these facts to impress your friends at your next party.

    Stearns History Museum archives
  • Ghost Towns: Stearns County Towns that Disappeared from the Map

    May I present for your consideration – and in no particular order – 5 central Minnesota ghost towns that captured and haunted my imagination.

    Map: Tim Lyon, WJON News / Data: Stearns History Museum / Modern Map Background: Stearns County