From the absurd and weird to the downright funny, theses are "The Best Darn Headlines Of The Week" from the week of January 28.

"Iranian state TV says country has successfully sent monkey into space"  - STORY

"Comic Louie Anderson saved from pool by Detroit Lions tackle" - STORY

"Man finds valuable whale vomit on beach" - STORY

"Woman Shoots Ex Off Car Hood— Where He Clung for 10 Miles" - STORY

"Sweden: Man convicted for Hitler salute" - STORY

"Doomed Danish dog kidnapped by fake cop." - STORY

"DUI suspect inhales balloon before arrest" - STORY

"Police: Woman kicked groins on the street" - STORY

"Man tries to have 'gay' dog euthanized" - STORY

"German 'Cookie Monster' steals famous golden biscuit" - STORY