Some great headlines again this week including some dummies in North Dakota who dressed up at KKK members for a hockey game... what made them think that was a good idea?

There's also the first official 'break-up' caused by Google Maps!  And don't forget the couple who steal toilet parts... yeah, it's a crappy job.  So here they are, "The Best Darn Headlines Of The Week"!

"KKK fans not allowed to return to game" - STORY

"Couple arrested for stealing toilet parts" - STORY

"Woman Bites Burglar, Loses Tooth From Cayman Islands Home Intrusion" - STORY

"Belarus guard get 2-year sentence for teddy bears" - STORY

"Alleged assault with butter knife lands Fargo woman in jail" - STORY

"Woman Breaks Up with Fiancé After Finding Him with Another Girl on Russian Google Maps" - STORY

"Hey parents, don't tell your kids you did drugs" - STORY