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According to an article in the Green Bay Gazette, beer will stop being served at the start of the third quarter instead of the normal time after the third quarter.  Apparently there were several arrests after the last match up between the two teams back in December.

“Night games previously have presented us with more challenges than normal with regard to inappropriate behavior,” said Doug Collins, Packers director of corporate security. “We are asking fans to enjoy the game responsibly and also help us out by reporting poor conduct to stadium and law enforcement personnel, either in person, or by text at the number posted in the stadium.”


The article also noted that games that start in the afternoon and evening usually lead to more arrests, and Saturday's game starts at 7:00 pm, so needless to say there is some concern from security and authorities.

Will this actually make a difference, especially since this is already out in the public?  Perhaps the 'cheese-heads' will just start earlier and get even more loaded?  I'm just wondering when the Green Bay fans hear this they'll just start a little earlier and drink a little more before the game.  Is this really going to solve a lot by closing the beer stands a half hour earlier?  If your goal is to get loaded for the game and you hear they're stopping sales early, I think quite a few of the younger fans are going to over-compensate and indulge a little more (or a lot more) than normal.

We'll see what happens I guess, it sounds like it'll be a little too cold to get too drunk anyway.  Oh wait, this IS Green Bay we're talking about here.