If you love animals like I love animals, I hope you will consider becoming a pet foster parent! It's a pretty cool volunteer opportunity, and you're really saving 2 lives at once! The life of the animal you take into your home, and the life of the animal that now can be placed at the shelter, because you helped them to make more room! Everyone wins!

When you foster an animal in your home, you provide love and protection, a comfy place to sleep and a warm lap when needed. The shelter will provide all medical care while this furry friend is in your care.

The Tri-County Humane Society is currently looking for good homes to foster dogs and cats. Most situations involve pregnant and nursing animals, but sometimes it is for an animal recovering from an upper respiratory infection (similar to a cold) or an injury. If you are interested call the shelter and ask for Rachel. (320-252-0896).

One of the newest programs is for fostering cat/kittens until room opens up at the shelter. That would involve fostering the cats/kittens during peak periods (Summer to Fall) and returning them in Jan/Feb when there aren't as many cats up for adoption. They are also looking for people to be put on a list for situations where someone is being called to active military duty and can't find anyone to take care of their pet while they are gone.

The Humane Society is also looking for homes to foster animals in disaster situations when people are without a place to stay such as if their house burns or they are evacuated for other reasons.

It's a rewarding way to give back! If your home would be a great place for a dog or cat to rest their head for a short time, contact the Tri-County Humane Society today!