I had no idea what I was getting myself into Saturday when I attended the Ultimate Autism Foundations Annual Bean Bag Tourny on Saturday at the VFW in Sauk Rapids. What I was in for; Was a day of making new friends, a day for Tanner to make new friends; and a whole lot of fun!!!!


I was teamed up with this amazing bean bag player! Jared Weaver from St. Cloud. He could hit the board with his eyes closed. Amazingly, I had a really great day throwing myself. Although I've never masterd how to count during a bean bag tourny, Jared said, "Just hit the board" and I'll do the rest.

Wow did he ever! 4 hours later, we were still in the tournament, and we ended up taking third place! It was really fun! I met a bunch of great people as well! A lot of laughs and a lot of money raised for Autism Awareness in our communities.


Tim Duel/Facebook

Roger & Sonny, Brian & Will were up for first and second place with Roger and Sonny taking in the win!

Roger heard me talking about playing on the radio! I guess I did better than I thought I would! I didn't remember that conversation wtih Ned until Roger brought it up!

Brian & Will

Brian & Will were great as well. Brian said he's a big fan of the station. They were both a lot of fun! Really nice people and a great way to spend the afternoon.

I also met a Dream Getaway Qualifier for Dream Getaway #27!

I had a great time, and hope that you'll consider checking out The Ultimate Autism Facebook page by clicking HERE.