If they were trying to keep this experiment a secret, they failed miserably, but it's a cool experiment in honesty done by Honest Tea and it's going on right now somewhere in Minnesota

Have you ever seen a snack box where it's "pay on your honor" and wonder how many people stiff the box? The experiment is just like that, only you're being watched.

Somewhere in Minnesota, there is an unmanned Honest Tea kiosk that invites you to have some tea. You still have to pay, but it's an honor system, so some people think you don't reallhave to pay. That's the catch: There is a staff member somewhere nearby watching you and whether or not you pay is being monitored.

The experiment is actually a marketing ploy for Honest Tea and it's going on in 50 cities across America. It runs through mid August and at the end, cities are going to be ranked from most honest to least honest.

This experiment was done in Minnesota last year and we tied for 20th most honest with a 94 percent honesty rate. Alaska and Hawaii were most honest with 100 percent honesty rates in those states.

If something were offered to you and payment was an honor system, would you pay?