I have been a fan of the Batman franchise reboot since the first one was released in 1989. Now the movies keep getting bigger and better. The latest in the franchise is set to release this July and they've released the final trailer for the movie.July 20 can't get here fast enough for me on this one. The funny thing is, I was never a comic book kid. I never had the money to buy them, nor the time to read them. My first introduction to Batman was in 1989 when my mom bought me the first movie on VHS for Christmas. My first thought was, "great, I'm sure I won't like this." But after watching it, I truly fell in love with the franchise.

My love great even more when they re-booted the re-boot in 2005. Adding Morgan Freeman to a Batman movie is pure genius!

Here's the final trailer followed by the first two that were released. Who else is stoked to go see it?