Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, went for a checkup on their growing baby on Thursday morning (March 23), and the doctor confirmed that they're indeed having a girl.

"I'm videoing because Thomas Rhett is driving," Lauren Akins explains in a clip posted to Instagram during the drive back from the doctor's office.

"We just had our 20-week checkup and it is confirmed. We are having a girl. Even though you all knew that," Rhett chimes in.

"For sure, for sure now," Lauren adds. "We are 100-percent positive. We have seen everything."

Lauren advises fans to "mark your calendars" while Rhett admits, "that'd be weird."

"100-percent little girl. Baby Akins on the way," he concedes.

In February, the couple held a baby reveal party, surrounded by family and friends. There, Rhett plunged a knife into a cake iced with pink and blue frosting. The color of the cake inside revealed the sex of the baby — upon carving into pink frosting, the party learned that the couple will be having a girl.

Rhett and his wife are also adopting a child from Africa, and they admit it has been a stressful process. “The process of adopting someone from a different country is really, really strenuous and you find out a lot about yourself,” the singer shares.

It's not clear when the couple's adopted child will arrive, but Lauren is due to deliver biological baby Akins in August.

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