A new survey looked at how naughty and nice people have been this year. The survey asked questions to determine whether people made it on the nice list or the naughty list. So, we wanted to find out how 98.1 nation ranked against the rest of the world. Are we on the naughty list or the nice list. Take the poll below!



If you answered;

0 yes-You've gotta be Santa's elf.  You're just too good!
1 yes-You're human, and you're also on the nice list.
2 yes-You've still got time to change your ways! Don't go to the dark side!
3 yes-Santa's watching you very closely. One more naughty act or dirty look and you'll be on the bad list.
4 yes-You've been a little nasty this year. Maybe you should start working on your good behavior for next year. This year you're too forgone.
5 yes-This isn't your first time on the naughty list. We've got a feeling you've been here many times before.
6 yes-You're actually the Grinch.

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