We all want to eat the best food for us right? We head into the fresh section of the grocery and pick the best looking fresh foods to cook for our family and think we have made some great decisions. For the most part, that would be true. But do we really know what has happened to the fruits and vegetables before it got to the store?

I have always heard that commercially grown produce was sprayed with a chemical that kept it from going bad too quickly. Bananas are a perfect example. If not treated, the bananas would ripen too quickly to even make it from Hawaii to your grocer's shelf.

What I didn't realize was there are chemicals being used on them even before harvesting that will prevent a lot more. I found this video of a science project. This young lady demonstrates the differences between a store bought sweet potato, a store bought organic sweet potato and one grown locally. The differences are shocking.

I for one will be buying more of my produce from the local farm stands. I'm actually considering growing my own in the backyard next year. At least then I will know what went into and on them before they hit my plate!