Whether you are an avid watcher of the 'Today' Show or not, chances are good you know who Ann Curry is. Last week there was speculation that she was going to be let go from the popular morning news show, and now it's official, but she won't be walking away empty handed.

Ann has been with NBC's 'Today' for about a year now, and since she began the network has seen show ratings drop six percent. I don't think it's a coincidence that rival morning news show 'Good Morning America' has seen an increase of six percent in their ratings. So yes, there is reason behind the networks choice to let her go. NBC is expected to announce her replacement by the end of the week.

Though if I were her I wouldn't be too disappointed. Curry will reportedly receive a $10 million payout from NBC, she will also be given some time off and then she is expected to rejoin NBC as a foreign news correspondent.

Now that's how to get fired! Wouldn't that be great...get let go from your job, get a huge check, some time off, and have another job already lined up for you. I would not be complaining.