Our animal rescue story this week comes from Robin and features Scooter the pup!  Robin adopted Scooter from the Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud.

We adopted Scooter, an 8 year old Maltese poodle a few months back.  He has adjusted into our family very well.  In the beginning it was tough, and the first night was terrible.  To be honest, I almost brought him back.  He cried and whined all night in the kennel that he came in.

So, we ditched the kennel after the first night and hoped for the best.  I was relieved to come home that next night after work and find him and our other dog, Colby, sitting on the couch together like old friends.

After several weeks, Scooter gravitated to Colby's kennel, which is where he sleeps now, and is very content.  He will get up in the morning, and after going outside will come in and sit back in his kennel.  Scooter loves going for walks and goes everywhere with us, even camping.  He especially loves playing with my mom's little Shitzu puppy.  We are so glad we gave him the time to adjust to our family!

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