As you can see, Forest is a big boy.  That wasn't the case when we first found him wandering outside our house in the middle of winter about 10 years ago.

My dad was outside one day when he discovered this beautiful cat outside.  It was easy to see he was cold and struggling to find food.  He was pretty friendly and laid back, but a little skittish.  At the time we weren't able to keep him because we had other cats and dogs.

We had a neighbor who had a deep love for animals and volunteered at an animal shelter in Buffalo.  We brought the cat to her and she was able to tell that it was sick.  She took it to the shelter, but we had just fallen for this homeless kitty and it was then that my mom came up with a brilliant idea.

One of our cats had kittens and we tried to set my Grandma up with one but it was too rambunctious for her so we figured this cat might be the perfect solution for her.  She came to the shelter and about a minute into the two meeting it was a done deal.

After going back between Forest and Kitty for names, she finally settled on Forest.  This was my dad's idea because the cat reminded him of Forest Gump.  Forest settled in quite well at Grandma's house and the two became pals.  When my Grandma got sick, we would let Forest out in to the living room and he would jump on the couch and lay by her.  She passed away in April of 2012 and Forest came back to live at our house.  It's been adjustment -- you know, four cats who think they're the boss -- but everyone tolerates one another.

We love Forest and he's not only a wonderful cat, but the perfect addition to our animal family!