Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hands down two of the funniest women in show business, and when you get them together on the same stage it's almost magical to watch. The dynamic duo have worked together many times, but this time it was their duty to host the Golden Globe awards which aired last night. If you missed it, you have to watch their opening monologue - and if you saw it, you have to watch it again.

The Golden Globes are known for being the 'laid-back' and 'fun' award show of the season. Everyone is just out to have a good time, there isn't all the pressure that you get at say, the Academy Awards. So naturally the hosts and presenters are a little more lose-lipped (especially the closer you get to the end of the night) then they typically are at award shows.

Amy and Tina all but stole the show right from the start with their monologue (not that I'm surprised) so do yourself a favor and watch this. It's Monday afternoon, I'm willing to bet you could use a good laugh. You're welcome.