The CMA Music Festival went down in Nashville on Saturday night, and the show was packed full of country music's biggest stars. Though two 'newbies' (American Idol's Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina)  got a taste of the big stage, and performed with two country music legends.

Scotty took the stage with Josh Turner (obviously) accompanying him with 'Your Man' (again, obviously), and he did a great job, I just would have liked to see him perform something different. We all know how good he is at that particular song, we have even seen him perform it with Josh Turner before. So for me it was a bit 'been there done that' I wanted to hear something new from him because unlike American Idol, this was the real deal. It was a night showcasing country music and both Scotty and Lauren were given the opportunity of a lifetime by being invited to be a part of the CMA Music Fest.

Lauren took the stage with one of her idols - Martina McBride, they sang 'Anyway'. Before the duet went down Martina told the crowd she was "blown away" by Lauren's performance of the song when she sang it on Idol. I agree, she sang it very well on Idol, she also sang it well with Martina, but again this isn't Idol any more.

I guess I was just looking forward to watching Scotty and Lauren come out of the American Idol bubble and perform different songs. American Idol is all about showing the American people who you are as an artist, and now that the show is over I don't want to see them perform the same songs, I want to see them grow in country music, because that's what will keep people interested.

What do you think? Are you ready to hear something new, or are you ok with the same old songs?