Can you believe it has already been a year since Scotty McCreery took the title of 2011 American Idol? Wow does time fly or what! Well the reigning champ will return to grace the Idol stage twice this week for the two night season finale that kicks off tonight (May 22) and wraps up tomorrow night (May 23).

Whether you are a Phillip Phillips fan or a Jessica Sanchez fanatic I'm willing to bet the final two shows will not be short on entertainment. As for what other stars will be joining the finale shows...well most of it is pretty hush-hush. There has been speculation that Stevie Nicks may make an appearance to duet with Phillip and rumor is Jessica may get the chance to perform with Jennifer Holiday but you will have to tune in tonight to see if the rumors are true.

As for tomorrow night's show, which is always packed with fun performances, there are only a handful that have been officially named. Of course Scotty McCreery is one of them, also Idol judge Steven Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith will take the stage to debut their new single, and pop star Rihanna will also perform.

Even if you haven't been following 'American Idol' this year the finale is always fun to tune into. Check out these videos about the final two contestants on the show to get yourself up to speed and don't forget to set your DVR for 7PM central, and I suggest you have it run a few minutes long - just in case.