I’m leaving town for a few days and as I was gathering my thoughts for what to pack, someone told me I was weird. You be the judge. 

When I go out of town, the first thing I do is check the weather, then I go to my closet. Sometimes I swear if I could make a paper doll of myself and my clothes this would be easier.

I’m such a list person, so I make out lists for everything I’m going to need. I start with the basics like socks and unmentionables, then I move up to creating outfits. I think about what’s most comfortable, what’s most stylish, what’s most functional for where we’re headed and what I feel best in.

My husband and I are taking a combination business and leisure trip, and it's a long drive, so over there and back, I’m opting for a track suit and slip on shoes. Ladies, if you don’t have a comfy tracksuit that’s not sloppy looking, go get one. They’re fantastic.

For our doings out of town, I’m packing tops, cardigan sweaters, jackets, scarves and dresses. I know that doesn't sound so odd, but it’s what else I did in preparation that may seem a bit weird.

I sketch out all of my outfits. Complete with accessories and shoes, plus alternate accessories and shoes, makeup looks and hairstyles.

Is that weird? I think it might be weird.