I never miss an episode of "Big Brother." I'm fascinated by this social experiment of sorts where complete strangers are stuck inside a house together and one by one, voted out each week. But this year, I'm completely disgusted by the behavior of many of the house guests. So much so, that I couldn't care less who wins the money.

I was hoping that McCrae would tough it out in the house. He's from Minnesota--and one of the least controversial guys in there-aside from the fact that he hooked up with Amanda, who should have been kicked out much sooner than she was. Ugh.

Of the ones who are left? Well, all three of the show's finalists have been fired from their real life jobs. And rightfully so.

Keep in mind that the camera's in the "Big Brother" house are recording everything that is said and done among the house guests 24/7. And that feed is available to the public online at any time. So even if they whisper terrible things to each other, we know about. And their bosses know about it. Funny thing is, most of the time they were shouting.

GinaMarie Zimmerman has been fired from her job as a pageant coordinator because she has been using racial slurs and comments on more than one occasion.

Spencer Clawson has been fired from his job as a train conductor for praising Hitler....and making jokes about child pornography.

Andy Herren was most recently fired from his job as a public speaking teacher for supporting all the racism in the house.

And Aaryn Gries, who was booted from the house awhile back, was also given the boot from her modeling agency for the endless racist comments she made.

And everything is on tape. Good. There's never an excuse to make hateful comments to or about someone because their race, religion or sexual preference is different from yours.

One of my favorite quotes: "The way we react to someone who is different from us, says a lot more about us, than is does about them."

It sure says a lot about the people left in the house. I wish nobody would win the money on tonight's "Big Brother" finale, but I'm guessing that won't happen. Well, whoever wins will certainly need it since they're about to find out they don't have a job. I'm hoping they break the news to them in the finale. I'll be watching!