Somehow my mom has talked my dad into trading his 1982 flip-phone in for his first iPhone. Last night we were texting back and forth about the Twins -- when this happened.

We texted back and forth a couple of times -- when after a few minutes he sent me a photo of the top-half of his head.

At that point I picked up my phone and gave him a call. "What were you trying to do with your new iPhone," assuming he was trying to FaceTime me or something. His response, "What do you mean?" I told him that he had just sent me a picture of the top-half of his head. He responded by telling me, "Oh, really? I did? I wasn't even taking a picture, and didn't know I had sent you anything."

My advice to my dad: "Don't ever use your new iPhone unless you are fully clothed!"

Could have been worse I guess. :)

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