If you've ever eaten Nutella, you'll understand why a gang of German thieves raided a parked truck in Bad Hersfeld and made off with more than six tons of the chocolatey spread—that's about 12,000 pounds, or nearly $21,000 worth.

According to a German news agency, a bunch of energy drinks were previously stolen from the same location.They might want to start locking their trucks.

I don't know what the thieves will do with that much Nutella, but if they're making crepes, I'm in. My sisters and I had the pleasure of enjoying a Nutella and banana crepe at a sidewalk cafe in Paris several years ago. It was one of those moments that will stay with me forever. So when I see stories like this one, all I can think is, all of that Nutella would make a whole lot of crepes. Délicieux.