You know how when you live close to something, you never stop to appreciate it? People from all over the world might stop there, but you figure you'll see it someday. I used to be that person, but I've decided to turn over a new leaf! The Charles Lindbergh childhood home was my first stop!

When I moved back to Minnesota last fall, I vowed to not only re-visit all the places I have great memories of, but to visit for the first time, many places I took for granted when I lived here the first time! And the second time!

A couple of weeks ago, Jay and I took the short drive to Little Falls to visit the Lindbergh home. It's truly a national treasure right here in our backyard. Some folks may not even realize that Charles Lindbergh grew up there!

Charles Lindbergh's 1927 flight from New York to Paris launched an aviation revolution. That part, I knew. But there were many things about him that I didn't know. He loved animals, he was a big conservationist, he helped to invent an artificial heart, and his life was filled with controversy surrounding racism.

You can tour his boyhood home, explore the visitor center exhibits, including a "Spirit of St. Louis" flight simulator, and walk an interpretive trail along the river. Plus, additional trails are located in the adjacent Charles A. Lindbergh State Park. But wear insect repellent. Those little buggers were plentiful!

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