If you've ever been on a bus trip with me to Valley Fair, you'll know that I am a huge fan of roller coasters. The only issue I have is finding one that's more than a 60 second ride. Now I have found one that's definitely worth the money!


Most amusement parks have 3-4 big coasters that boast twists and turns, loops and hills and maybe a few camel backs. All in all you stand in line for an hour to get on the ride and enjoy 60 seconds of adrenaline pumping fun. I normally get off the ride and jump right back in line.

If you've never heard of an Alpine coaster, it's basically one, single car that you ride in by yourself. You control the brakes on it and it's generally a leisurely ride downhill. It can be scary to some since you are alone in the car, or maybe less scary since you are in full control of how fast you are going. Here's a look at the Alpine cars as they come down the mountain.


Now, take a ride with David Ellis as he heads down the mountain without the use of brakes. David has already ridden down once, this time he video taped the excursion. One of these days I will take a trip to Austria just to ride this one - unless someone wants to open one a little closer!


Now who's ready for a trip to Austria?