There's something new on the market that promises to get rid of your grey hair forever! And I'm all for it! Well, as long as it's a healthy option and isn't doing all sorts of other weird things to my body at the same time.

So how does it work? According to the press release, the "secret ingredient" is an enzyme called Catalase that "counteracts our body's natural production of hydrogen peroxide." Apparently, our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide, which essentially bleaches our hair of all color from the inside out, but we also produce Catalase, which breaks down that hydrogen peroxide. So that's why we aren't born with gray hair. When we get older, we stop producing the enzyme, so the hydrogen peroxide isn't broken down and we start going gray. Taking this pill is supposed to put the Catalase back in your body so it can block the graying process and allow your natural hair color to come back at the root.

There are plenty of women out there who don't give a hoot about grey hair, and instead choose to let it grow out naturally. They always look better than I imagine myself, should I decide to do the same. I already wear almost no make-up. Combine that with naturally grey hair and a long flowing caftan and I guess I would become the groovy hippie chick I always fancied myself to be. I would have been great in the 60's, if only I had been a little older that decade.  Peace.