With new research comes new diseases, new mental disorders and new things to worry about. The names they give things these days baffles me. It's like they are coming up with excuses for people. That person acts that way because they have this, or that person is that way because they have that. Murderers are getting off scott free because they have a disorder that was just discovered. For me personally, it is just another excuse and a way for people to lay the blame on someone else.

If you are one who looks for a medical explanation of behavior past - well, they're just crazy then there is a new disorder out there that could explain your behavior - or get you out of your next dinner function with the in-laws.

Thanks to a new study from the University of Maryland, people who are forced to live without "contemporary media" - like computers, mobile phones, internet, TVs, radios or newspapers - may start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Many of the participants that stayed away from all the media started experiencing symptoms like you would see with a smoker trying to kick the habit or a drug user looking for a fix. The name - Information Deprivation Disorder.

This is scary stuff. You mean to tell me if I don't get my daily dose of Judge Judy I could turn into a mean, hateful, rude person? If I don't get my weekly fix of Law and Order I could end up robbing a bank? If I don't get my fix of Tim McGraw, I could start going crazy?

Personally I don't buy it. I realize that it is tough to be without the modern conveniences of mobile phones, internet and radio, but to have withdrawal symptoms from it and be able to BLAME it on that? Seems a bit far fetched to me. However, I personally will not try it - just to be safe!

The next time you don't want to go to the in-laws, just tell them you are suffering from IDD and stay home, surf 98country.com, turn up 98 Country and watch TV all while talking on your phone. That should cure everything right up!