2013 was an exciting year for me and Brittany, it was also life changing, we had many firsts in 2013, with many more to come in 2014.

Brittany and I packed up and came to St.Cloud one year ago today. Last year we spent New Years Eve driving from Spirit Lake, IA to St. Cloud and New Years Day was spent unpacking. Many great things have happened since New Years Eve last year. I started with 98-Country, Brittany works for car dealership in St. Cloud and it's been non stop since then.

We spent the first six-seven months in the apartment we moved to, before realizing we just didn't have enough room and we were sick of moving from place to place... so let's buy a house. We did just that. July 1st, 2013 we moved into our first home and it's been great! No more neighbors walking around above you as you sit there and wait for them to come through the ceiling. It's just nice to go home to our place.


Two months later, September 7, 2013, an even bigger event happened. Brittany and I became engaged, something I swore would never happen... but when you have the right girl, you have the right girl. Now, rather than endless hours of Sports Center, wedding plans are taking up those hours as we get ready for a fall wedding in 2014.

If those two events weren't already life altering and huge moments, the news we received about a month ago will without a doubt change everything... Brittany and I are expecting a baby sometime in August. Ummm, yes, I wrote that sentence with trembling fingers but, looking forward to starting a family and having a great 2014.

I hope you have a blessed New Year! Thanks for listening to 98-Country!