This morning Cindy and I received an email from a 98 Country listener asking for some help. A mother in Waite Park (Sam) wants to know if 4-years old is too young to teach a holiday lesson about giving (or not getting). Here's the email. What do you think?

Dear Pete & Cindy –


My husband and I are in a fight right now about how to handle Christmas with our 4-year-old daughter. I think this is the perfect time to have her start thinking about the needs of others, so I suggested we tell her to write a list to Santa of all the things she wants and then tell her Santa is bringing those toys to less fortunate children. (We will, of course, actually go through with donating the toys). But my husband thinks it’s too young for such lessons and that she will be totally disappointed if she doesn't get the stuff she wants. I don’t think he’s giving her enough credit. What do you think? Am I helping shape my daughter in an awesome way – or do you think I’m the worst mother in the world? Please throw this out to the 98 Country listeners Thursday morning, I will be listening.


Sam in Waite Park

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