The last time I saw my old friend Dan, it was probably at high school graduation. That's a long time ago for anyone keeping track. But we had the best time catching up in Mexico!

If you've ever gotten together with a friend who you haven't seen in many years, it can go a couple of different ways. There can be a lot of awkward silence because you're thinking "what the heck....who is this did I ever hang out with them" -- or it can be as much fun as it was for me this past week.

Catching up with Dan Jegtvig in Mexico last week was like putting on an old sweater. Our conversations were warm, comfortable and fun. We laughed for hours over stories of things we did way back when, caught up on our lives since then, and remembered all the other old friends we used to hang out with.

There's something to be said about being a small-town girl...or boy. You seem to have stronger connections with those you grew up with. But no matter where you're from, I hope you have a chance to catch up with an old friend soon. This quote I found on Twitter sort of sums it up.