I must give off a vibe that I'm a good listener because strangers have been telling me all about their problems for years.  An incident last night might have been the weirdest I've ever heard about.

When I worked in banking I heard about EVERYTHING -- divorces, money problems and scandals.  I'm not the type to really open up to someone I barely know, so it was always a bit strange to me.

Last night took the cake though.  So I'm standing in line at Target (they're busy because people are preparing for all the snow we're supposed to get) and this guy in front of me starts talking to me.  He tells me that he's been with this girl for like five years and they've been fighting about all these different things.  He thinks they're going to break up and he just doesn't know how he's going to live without her.

I figure he must really love this girl and I feel bad for him because sometimes couple fight about the dumbest things.  I just don't know about sharing all those details with a complete stranger.

What is the strangest thing a stranger has told you about?