I took a long walk last night and had a chat with God and a few other folks who live "up there" in the clouds. I thought about the recent changes in my life and what I wanted most out of this new year.

Happiness is right up there on the top, but isn't that at the top of everyone's list? How you get there is up to you, but here are a few tips to help.


1. Be Thankful
A lot of us tend to look at what is wrong with our lives rather than all the good things going on. I think Oprah had a great idea with her Gratitude Journal. Think of something every day that you are thankful for.  Pretty soon you'll get it.


2. Give Back
Volunteer, help a neighbor, take some time to share some kind words with someone who needs to hear them.  Give without expecting anything in return, otherwise you miss all the joy that comes with it!


3. Be Happy For Other People, Even When It's Hard

Not always easy, I know. But if you can find a place in your life where this works, keep going. Be happy for what you have, and know that some of the really awesome things that your friends and family have, are within your reach too!


4. Let Go Of The Past
Forgiveness is a gift to yourself. Let it go and move on. It will be the best move you'll make all year!


5. Be Kind To Yourself

Are you supportive of your friends? Do you encourage them to achieve their goals and to never give up? That's exactly what you should be doing for yourself! Even if it means standing in front of a mirror and talking to yourself. Be your own best friend this year!