I came home last night to a house with lights on and a fiance locked in our bedroom.

Minutes before I got home last night I received a text message from Brittany that looked like this, "BAT IN HOUSE... RAELYN IS COMING OVER... NEED TO GET THE BAT". When you translate that text message from Brittany it breaks down to yelling HELP!!!!!

So, I walked into the house with a bunch of lights on, there was no sign of Brittany, so I yelled her name to try find where she was. No answer... I thought to myself, did she leave because of the house cause of the bat? Nope. She did however, lock herself in the bedroom until I got home.

I got home and went on the hunt for the bat, that Brittany said was down stairs, I searched high and low only to end up with nothing.

Raelyn eventually came over and since she isn't scared to death of bats, she helped me look again. We searched everywhere in my basement and saw nothing again.

A little time has passed and now we are on our way out for the night. As we're getting our shoes on getting ready to go, all of the sudden, Brittany screams at the top her lungs and takes off the down the hallway running into the bathroom. Raelyn and I had no idea what was going on and then... BAM! The bat flew within a foot of my face and we dropped down to the floor.

The bat, being freaked out I'm sure, went on the offense swooping down at our heads. I was trying to catch it in mid air from my knees with a small garbage can. I failed. Raelyn had a lid to a bin and she tried to swat the bat down... she connected! The first time she knocked the down, I didn't see where it landed and by the time I did find it, the bat had it's thoughts back together and was up in the air.

Brittany it still hiding.

Raelyn and I are laughing so hard while trying to catch this thing, it didn't make it any easier. After a few more attempts trying to capture the bat in mid air, Raelyn said, "should I hit it again"... I responded with, "YES". This time, the bat landed in front of me and I got the garbage can over the top of it before it could fly away, again.

We waited a minute then covered the garbage can with a piece of cardboard and released the bat off the deck. It was an intense four or five minutes.

No bats were harmed, just dazed, in this capture and release moment. Brittany however, stubbed her toe running away. Bat=1 Brittany=0