Our November Veteran of the Month is Alicia Fisher of Sauk Rapids.  We appreciate her service to our country!

Alicia was nominated by her mother, Kelly, who is obviously very proud of her daughter. Here's  what she sent us:

I am nominating Alicia because I am so proud of her and she deserves some special recognition for all she has done.

She was always the little princess growing up. Then she decided on the National Guard, went off to boot camp at 17  and has been going strong ever since. She spent a year in Kuwait last year and is now in college.

Alicia’s tour was up last month.  She was ready to get out of the Guard but after some soul searching,  she decided that she wasn't  ready to be done serving our country just yet.  Alicia is such a go getter,  she is a full time student and she gives her all in everything she does.  She is happy, positive and full of zest.

We are all very proud of her.  I didn’t imagine that when I had four daughters, I would be sending one of them off to war!  It was a good experience for her in her young life.

She will continue now with the guard and working towards her nursing degree.

Alicia, thank you for serving our country!

If you have a special veteran in your life, make sure to nominate them to be Veteran of the Month!




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