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As a bonus to today’s show, we’re featuring five additional tracks with videos from Marie Osmond with Dan Seals, Alabama, The Highwaymen, John Conlee and George Jones.

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Marie Osmond with Dan Seals – “Meet Me In Montana”



“Meet Me in Montana” is written by Paul Davis and recorded by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals.  The song refers to two lovers who go their separate ways to pursue dreams -- he to be a country music star, and she to be a Hollywood actress.  Both meet failure, they both decide the best hope for their future is in Montana.  This number one 1985 hit won Marie Osmond and Dan Seals the Country Duo of the Year award that year.

Won’t you meet me in Montana?
I wanna see the mountains in your eyes.
I’ve had all of this life I can handle;
meet me underneath that big Montana sky.



Alabama – “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”



“Can’t Keep a Good Man Down,” a song written by Bob Corbin and recorded by the band Alabama.  The song was released in 1985 as the third single from the bands album "40 Hour Work Week."  That November, it became the band's 18th straight number one hit song. 

I thought it was forever, I thought it would last;

I gotta try to make it a page of my past.



The Highwaymen – “Highwayman”



The Highwaymen formed in 1985, though the group did not have an official name.  Their first album entitled “Highwayman” was credited to Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.  The single “Highwayman” -- a Jimmy Webb cover -- became a number one hit. And this group of superstars became known as The Highwaymen in honor of the song.



John Conlee – “Old School”



John Conlee was born in 1946 on a tobacco farm. Conlee did not immediately take up a musical career.  Instead he became a licensed mortician and later a disc jockey at WLAC in Kentucky. “Old School” reached number five on the Billboards Country Singles chart.

I can remember us cruising through town in your daddy’s car with the top pulled down looking so cool we came from different sides of the track but we still held hands out back of the old school.  



George Jones – Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”



George Jones’ “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” is his 45th studio album.  The title track was released in late 1985 as a single and went to number three on the country singles chart.  Jones sings of the irreplaceable country music legends like Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Charlie Rich, Patsy Cline and others.  After remarking about each of these singers in his lyrics, he shows the impact on country music when they’re gone.