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Today we’re offering you a bonus of the most requested songs from the radio show featuring The Forester Sisters, a duet from Janie Fricke and Johnny Duncan, David Frizzell and Shelly West with a duet, Crystal Gayle and Merle Haggard.



Forester Sisters – “Men” -- 1991



Kathy, Kim, June and Christy Forester recorded this song, it was their last top 40 country hit.

In the news in 1991:

  • Cease-fire ends Persian Gulf War on April 3rd
  • William Webster retires as Director of the CIA; Robert Gates succeeds him
  • Jeffery Dahmer is arrested on July 22nd after the remains of 11 men and boys are found in his Milwaukee, Wisconsin apartment


They buy you dinner, open your door, other than that what are they good for, men, I’m talking about men.



Johnny Duncan and Janie Fricke – “Come a Little Bit Closer” -- 1977



Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart and Wes Farrell wrote this song.

In the news in 1977:

  • President Carter pardons Vietnam War draft evaders on January 21st
  • The first Apple II computers go on sale


In a little café just the other side of the border, she was sitting there giving me looks, that made my mouth water.



David Frizzell and Shelly West – “I Just Came Here to Dance” -- 1982


This duet is written by Ken Bell, Terry Skinner an J.L. Wallace.  The song reached number four on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

In the news in 1982:

  • The first issue of USA Today is published
  • Disney futuristic park Epcot is opened
  • The world loses John Belushi, Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelley


I just came her to dance, I was feelin’ lonely and I was new in town, I was only lookin’ for a friend.



Crystal Gayle – “Our Love is on the Faultline” --  1983



This number one hit for Crystal Gayle is written by Reece Kirk.  The single spent a total of twelve weeks on the country chart.

In the news in 1983:

  • A terrorist explosion kills 237 US Marines in Beirut October 23rd
  • The US invades Grenada
  • Hurricane Alicia hits the Texas coast, killing 21


Well I hear it comin’, I can feel it in my bones and it’s weighin’ heavy on me.




Merle Haggard – “Chill Factor” -- 1988



“Chill Factor” was written and recorded by Merle Haggard.  The song was a top ten hit reaching number nine.

In the news in 1988:

  • NASA scientist James Hansen warns congress of the dangers of global warming and the greenhouse effect and the average income per year was $24,450.00
  • NASA scientist James Hansen warns congress of the dangers of global warming and the greenhouse effect he average income per year was $24,450.00
  • The average income per year was $24,450


Seems like every November when the weather gets bad, I start to remember all the good times we had.



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