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Today were featuring John Anderson, The Judds, Allen Jackson, The Kendalls and Little Texas.



John Anderson – “Chicken Truck” -- 1981



This song was co-written by John Anderson, Monroe fields and Ervan Parker. The song reached number eight on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

In the news in 1981:

  • The Supreme Court rules to allow television cameras in the court room
  • MTV is launched – Music Television


Well it was mornin’ when I left Alabama and it must have been around mid July, I got behind a chicken truck from Georgia and the feathers were flyin’.



The Judds – “Grandpa Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ole Days” -- 1986



"Grandpa" is a song written by Jamie O’Hara and recorded by American country music duo, The Judds.  It became the sixth number one hit on the country chart for The Judds.

In the news in 1986:

  • US Supreme Court bars racial bias in trial jury selection
  • Nintendo video games are introduced in the US
  • The Soviet Union launches the Mir Space Station


Grandpa tell me ‘bout the good ole days, sometimes it feels like this worlds gone crazy.



Alan Jackson – “Gone Country” -- 1994



“Gone Country” a song written by Bob McDill and recorded by Alan Jackson.  The song reached the top of the country charts.

In the news in 1994:

  • Four are convicted in the World Trade Center bombing
  • The world loses Burt Lancaster, John Candy, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis and Jessica Tandy


She’s been playing in a room on a strip for ten years in Vegas and every night she looks in the mirror but she only ages.




The Kendalls – “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away” -- 1977



Jerry Gillespie wrote this song, The Kendalls took the song to number one where it  stayed for four weeks.

In the news in 1977:

  • The TV miniseries "Roots" draws an audience of 130 million
  • The world’s first personal computer, the Commodore PET is demonstrated at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago


Heaven’s just a sin away oh whoa just a sin away, I can’t wait another day I think I’m giving in.



Little Texas – “What Might Have Been” -- 1993



This song topped the Country Chart at number two.  Written by Porter Howell Dwayne O’Brien and Brady Seals.

In the news in 1993:

  • Islamic Fundamentalist bomb World Trade Center
  • Federal Agents raid religious cult in Waco, Texas on February 28th.


Sure I think about you now and then  it’s been a long long time.




Just a heads up, don’t miss a great summer night listening to live country music at the Pierz Freedom Fest July 16th at the General Ball fields.  Little Texas will be featured along with Sawyer Brown, Maiden Dixie and Diamondback.




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